The National Committee for Quality Assurance has reported some initial national data stratified by race and ethnicity for five HEDIS quality measures – prenatal and post-partum care, child and adolescent well-care visits, colorectal cancer screening, controlling high blood pressure, and hemoglobin A1c control. Stratification by race and ethnicity became a requirement for these quality measures beginning in Measurement Year 2022 (data from 2021). These initial data were reported from 14 health plans, across commercial, marketplace, Medicaid, and Medicare lines of business.


NCQA has created a data dashboard for the data, searchable by measure and line of business.


Since these initial data are from a non-representative sampling of health plans, the data should not be used for benchmarking. However, even these initial data demonstrate the pervasive racial and ethnic disparities across different quality measures.

As more health plans report their data, it is hoped that increased attention and resources would be prioritized to reduce these health inequities.

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