President Joe Biden has issued a first-ever executive order to address care for children, individuals with disabilities, and elders in home, community, and institutional settings.


The executive order directs actions by fifteen federal departments and agencies, including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, Education, Treasury, Agriculture, Commerce, Veteran’s Affairs, Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice, and the Office of Personnel Management, Small Business Administration, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Corporation for National and Community Service.

The executive order seeks to increase awareness, affordability, and access to childcare, early childhood education, home- and community-based care, and long-term care, and to support and provide increased funding to all these caregivers in the “care workforce”, including family caregivers.


The executive order was commended by members of Congress and by advocates for child care, children, disability rights, women’s organizations, domestic workers, organized labor, and seniors.


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