An advisory committee has proposed that the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) strengthen requirements to advance health equity in its Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) standards.

Click to access PCPCH%20SAC%20Report%202022%20-%20FINAL.pdf

The recommendations for changes to the PCPCH standards were developed with input from a community engagement process in 2021.

Click to access PCPCH%20Program%20Health%20Equity%20Initiative%20Community%20Feedback%20and%20Next%20Steps%20Report%20December%202021.pdf

The Standards Advisory Committee then met from August 2022 through February 2023. The recommendations include strengthened requirements for completeness of demographic data about patients served, language access for telehealth services and telephonic advice, accessibility of electronic health information, considering health literacy in patient communications, providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health education and self-management supports, identifying and following up on health-related social needs, and reporting and reducing health disparities. The recommendations also include new standards for culturally responsive workforce (training and integration of traditional health workers), assistance with health care cost navigation, and integration of value-based payment. A new “equity star” designation also is proposed.

OHA will continue to work on finalizing the recommendations and developing specifications and technical guidance for any new or revised standards before they become effective in 2024.

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