The Center for Health Care Strategies has published this policy brief describing lessons learned from the development and implementation of accountable care organization (ACO) models in state Medicaid programs.  Over the past four years, eight states (Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, and Vermont) have launched Medicaid ACO or ACO-like programs. Combined, these programs serve more than 2.5 million beneficiaries and have saved an estimated $167.9 million to date. The policy brief outlines three core steps to guide states in developing an ACO approach: (1) evaluate the current environment; (2) define program goals and framework; and (3) develop a structural model. The brief and the work of CHCS in supporting the Medicaid ACO Learning Collaborative is funded by The Commonwealth Fund.  Through the Collaborative, CHCS is currently assisting Medicaid agencies in Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Washington in developing payment models, quality measurement strategies, and data and analytic capacity to put their Medicaid ACO programs into place.


Link to Original Source 

CHCS also has published an updated fact sheet describing Medicaid ACOs:

Link to Original Source

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