The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPPC) has published its 2015 edition of its annual review of the evidence for improving quality and reducing costs through patient-centered medical homes.  This report’s evidence comes from 14 peer-reviewed articles, 7 state program evaluations, and 7 health care industry reports.  The specific evidence of quality improvement and cost reduction remains strong.  Six of the peer-reviewed articles reported cost reductions and all seven of the state program evaluations reported cost reductions on at least one metric.  11 of the 28 articles and reports found improvement in quality outcomes.

The report estimates that since 2009, the number of initiatives and patients served by patient-centered medical homes has quadrupled and the number of states implementing patient-centered medical home-based transformation has doubled.

The report also includes commentaries on integrating services outside a patient-centered medical home; provide additional financial support to primary care to help control the total cost of care; developing the primary care health professions workforce; engaging patients, consumers, and the public; and embracing the potential of technology to support patient-centered medical homes.

You need to register with an email address on the PCPCC website to download the report.

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