After working for over fourteen years in community-based advocacy organizations, and then for seven years in health policy philanthropy, I have been privileged to be a resource for many people on many issues. There is a “database” of knowledge in my head which has been collected through the great working relationships I have been fortunate to develop, as well as the opportunities I have had to access, read, digest, disseminate, fund, and write articles and publications.

And through over 350 presentations (and counting!) at conferences, workshops, seminars, and trainings over the past 30 years, I have tried to share the resources, analyses, and contacts that are in my head with others, often accompanied by multi-page lists of references and citations.  During the past four years that I have been working as a independent consultant, I have continued to identify and provide those resources and references for my organizational clients.

This website uses technology to share what is in my head, in those presentations, and in those reference lists as virtual, real-time, open-source resources for those of you who might find them useful.  I invite your commentary and analyses on these resources, much like a continuously updated annotated bibliography.

I also hope that this website becomes a platform for the best in social networking – where those of us with common interests, questions, and critiques can connect, probe, push, and work together to advance these issues which I care so much about.

Please give me your comments, feedback, criticisms, and suggestions – and join me – in my technology-enabled journey forward towards greater patient-centeredness and equity…


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