This is the summary report from the February 2013 White House Summit on Acieving eHealth Equity convened by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of National Coordinator for Health IT, Office of Minority Health, and ZeroDivide.  The participants at the summit made the following recommendations to achieve eHealth equity:

  • Develop solutions and a dissemination strategy that distinguishes between the health technology needs of rural and urban communities in ways that make sense.
  • Quickly advance research on the outcomes achieved from the effective and meaningful use of health technology among traditionally underserved populations.
  • Design effective patient engagement campaigns that include patients as partners and active participants in their care in an environment where physicians respect and encourage the use of technology to achieve better outcomes.
  • Develop technology solutions that are culturally competent, sensitive and universally designed for different ability and literacy levels.
  • Engage patients and consumers in collaborative design, where they can participate in the design, development,  and testing process from the outset.

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