The American Hospital Association’s Committee on Performance Improvement issued this 2011 report on hospital performance improvement, considering the environment of economic, demographic, and regulatory changes occurring throughout the health care industry.  The report synthesizes best practice strategies for transition paths to reach desired future models of care delivery.

Ten “must-do” strategies were identified:

  • Aligning hospitals, physicians, and other providers across the continuum of care
  • Utilizing evidence-based practices to improve quality and patient safety
  • Improving efficiency through productivity and financial management
  • Developing integrated information systems
  • Joining and growing integrated provider networks and care systems
  • Educating and engaging employees and physicians to create leaders
  • Strengthening finances to facilitate reinvestment and innovation
  • Partnering with payers
  • Advancing an organization through scenario-based strategic, financial, and operational planning
  • Seeking population health improvement through pursuit of the “triple aim”

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