The American Hospital Association’s Committee on Research issued this 2011 report on caring for vulnerable populations.  While the alignment of financial incentives to provide care to vulnerable populations will evolve at the federal, state, and local policy levels, hospitals are well-positioned to address the system, provider, and patient opportunities to provide high-quality care.  This report summarizes the literature, highlights best practices, and makes recommendations for the field on important elements that should be included in any organized program to coordinate care for dual eligibles or any other vulnerable populations.

The report identifies the following best practices:

  • Complete comprehensive assessment and reassessment of patients
  • Conduct periodic visits with the patient and family
  • Implement protocol-based planning to manage care
  • Incorporate person-centered care principles and practices
  • Utilize team-based care management centered on primary care
  • Facilitate data sharing and integrated information systems
  • Align financial incentives
  • Develop network and community partnerships
  • Provide non-health care services
  • Offer home-based care
  • Organize center-based day care
  • Incorporate cultural competency and equity of care standards

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