The National Quality Forum (NQF) has issued a call for healthcare performance measures related to healthcare disparities and cultural competency for consideration in its national consensus standards development process.  In August, NQF  published a paper authored by the Disparities Solution Center at Massachusetts General Hospital that proposes a framework for the standards.

Specifically, NQF is seeking to identify and endorse performance measures for public reporting and quality improvement in the following areas:

  • racial/ethnic healthcare disparities;
  • language barriers/improving language access services, which include interpreter services and translation;
  • cultural competency, in particular measures related to the NQF-endorsed framework and preferred practices;
  • health information technology system capacity to measure and improve healthcare disparities and cultural competency;
  • integrating health communication (language, literacy, and culture);
  • health-related quality of life;
  • care coordination as it relates to improving healthcare disparities and cultural
  • patient perceptions/provider biases;
  • and use of “navigation” services.

The call for measures is open until January 18, 2012.  Measures must be submitted through the NQF website.

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