This explanation of electronic prescribing was published by the eHealth Initiative and the Center for Improving Medication Management (a collaboration of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Medical Group Management Association, Surescripts, BlueCross BlueShield Association, Human and Intel).  The guide emphasizes that electronic prescribing “can lead to a reduction in medication errors and injuries, greater convenience for patients, a more streamlined refill process, better management of medication costs, and healthier patients by helping people remember to their medications properly.”

The guide also notes that while there are no additional fees for using electronic prescribing, the functionality that enables a physician or other prescriber to select a lower-cost medication that is equally effective may lower out-of-pocket costs for patients.

Link to Original Source

SureScripts, which certifies and promotes the use of electronic prescribing software and is one of the founders of the Center for Improving Medication Management, also maintains a consumer-directed website with additional information, including videos, about electronic prescribing.

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