These issue briefs from the American Public Health Association describe how state health departments and public health professionals can participate in the development and implementation of state innovation models (SIMs) as part of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  There are various stages of state innovation models being developed and implemented in 34 states. The first issue brief describes the role of public health in the development of state innovation models, including overcoming a focus solely on clinical health care quality measures to broader, longer-term population health measures that are more familiar to public health sectors.

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The second issue brief describes how public health goals can be incorporated into state innovation models, especially to improve population health. The field of public health, which often serves as a safety net for underserved communities, can help state innovation models meet their population health goals by addressing the social determinants in a way the health care system currently does not. State innovation models can adopt and direct resources towards explicit population health improvement goals, and support health workforce models more familiar to public health, such as integrating community health workers, into health system transformation.

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