This is the 2014 annual report from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Prevention and Wellness Trust.  The Prevention and Wellness Trust was established by the Massachusetts Legislature in 2012, and was funded through a one-time assessment on acute hospitals and payers, totaling $57 million.

Over four years, the Trust will provide $42.7 million grants to community partnerships and has identified four priority conditions, at least two of which must be addressed by each grantee: hypertension, falls among older adults, pediatric asthma, and tobacco use. Optional conditions that may be addressed include substance abuse, obesity, oral health, and diabetes.

Nine grantee partnerships were selected in 2014 through a highly competitive procurement process, and represent communities with high need as defined by health condition prevalence, poverty level, health outcomes, and racial health disparities. Each partnership is required to include clinical sites, community-based organizations, and municipalities. In addition, a number of partnerships have added other types of organizations such as regional planning agencies, insurers, and legal assistance providers.

The Trust also will provide $5.7 million in funding for worksite wellness programs and has a goal of establishing programs at 450 worksites throughout Massachusetts.

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