John Snow Inc.: National Approaches to Whole-Person Care in the Safety Net

This discussion paper prepared by John Snow, Inc., in collaboration with the California Association of Public Hospitals and California Health Care Safety Net Institute, defines whole-person care as the coordination of health, behavioral health, and social services in a patient-centered manner with the goals of improved health outcomes and more efficient and effective use of resources. The paper uses the following conceptual framework for advancing whole-person care:

  • identify the target population
  • provide patient-centered care
  • coordinate services across sectors
  • share data
  • create financial flexibility
  • engage collaborative leadership.

The paper describes several models of whole-person centered in the safety net nationally, including dual-eligible demonstrations, safety net accountable care organizations, accountable care communities. The insights from the review of these models include:

  • development of coordinated systems requires collaboration between stakeholders and services across multiple sectors to provide person-centered care
  • high-risk care management is frequently an entry point into whole-person care because high-risk individuals are often interacting with health, behavioral health, and social service systems
  • flexible payment methods are a key facilitator for whole-person care
  • approaches to whole-person care can be combined in mutually reinforcing manners, and can provide learning opportunities across whole-person care initiatives
  • committed leadership matters tremendously, though it can come from different sectors.

The paper was funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation.

Link to Original Source

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