Today the Peter G. Peterson Foundation announced the launch of the Peterson Center on Healthcare, a new organization dedicated to transforming U.S. healthcare into a high-performance system that delivers high-quality care at a lower cost. With an initial commitment of $200 million from the Peterson Foundation, the Center will work to find and validate innovative healthcare solutions, and accelerate their adoption on a national scale, collaborating with stakeholders across the healthcare system and engaging in grant-making, partnerships and research.  The Center has an impressive “who’s who”, bipartisan Advisory Board.

The Peterson Center on Healthcare will use three strategies:

  • Finding and validating innovative solutions for healthcare providers, employers and insurers, and state-level systems
  • Accelerating adoption and scaling of those innovative solutions
  • Fostering the conditions for change and improvement through data transparency and innovation, driving innovation to improve quality while lowering costs, moving to value-based payments, engaging consumers, and advancing state and federal policies.

The Peterson Center on Healthcare announced three first projects:

A partnerships with Kaiser Family Foundation to track healthcare system quality and cost, called the Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker

A project by the National Quality Forum to convene public and private healthcare leaders to enhance the availability of data and analytics to support systems improvement in healthcare

Analysis from the Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center on identifying and learning from providers of “most valuable care” who have achieved high quality healthcare at lower than average cost.

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