This data brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation reports results from a national survey of individuals who have purchased their own health insurance (through “non-group” markets), including the Federally-Facilited Health Insurance Marketplace and state-based health insurance marketplaces established through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Forty-three of the respondents purchased their current health insurance through one of the ACA marketplaces. Forty-nine percent of the respondents had assistance in purchasing their current health insurance, with 34% using health insurance brokers or agents, 26% receiving assistance from the marketplace staff, and 22% receiving assistance from family members and friends.

Interestingly, 42% of the respondents are paying monthly premiums for their health insurance coverage below $200/month, and another 21% are paying monthly premiums between $201 and $500/month. Twenty-seven percent reported that they are receiving assistance paying their premiums and other health care costs (through tax credits under the ACA), with 81% of those individuals reporting that they could not afford the health insurance without the premium assistance.

The survey was conducted by telephone in English and Spanish from April 3 through May 11, 2014 among a nationally representative random sample of 742 adults who purchase their own insurance. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is +/- 4 percentage points.

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One thought on “Kaiser Family Foundation: Non-Group Health Insurance Enrollees

  1. This is of great interest to me as someone who has purchased non-group health insurance BOTH through the private market AND- recently- through the Federal exchange. In summary, I live in a state without an exchange. Lots of misinformation provided to individual purchasers by brokers and non-marketplace insurers in states like mine. Luckily, I called the Federal Exchange and was awarded a special enrollment grace. I will have a plan through the Federal Exchange beginning next month. (No more Pediatric Dental Plan for Amy!!!)

    It isn’t perfect. I had the option of 18 different plans from only two different insurers. I am no longer able to receive care from my previous providers if I want to be covered, but I was able to find a cheaper plan and am hopeful there will be more choices in November. And this November, I think the Feds will be ready for me!!!! Thanks, Ignatius for sharing this!


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