As Monday’s December 23, 2013 deadline approaches for enrollment in health insurance coverage that would begin in January 1, 2014 under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), here are two resources to remind us of the need for health insurance insurance coverage.

The New York Times has published an online interactive map of the percentage and number of uninsured Americans, based on the latest data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey:

Los Angeles

And the Kaiser Family Foundation has published state-by-state estimates of the nearly 17.2 million Americans are eligible for federal subsidies in 2014 to assist with the payment of their health insurance premiums and co-payments through the ACA:

Link to Original Source

These estimates include over 2 million individuals in Texas, 1.9 million individuals in California, and over 1.5 million individuals in Florida.

Given that the total number of individuals who have enrolled in the all federal and state health insurance marketplaces just reached one million in early December, there remains much more work to be done to enroll the remaining millions of eligible, uninsured Americans into affordable health insurance coverage.

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