The National Quality Forum (NQF) is seeking nominations for a new standing committee to review and recommend healthcare quality performance measures related to person- and family-centered care for NQF endorsement.

Ensuring person and family-centered care is a core concept embedded in the National Quality Strategy priority of ensuring that each person and family is engaged as partners in their care.  Person and family-centered care encompasses patient and family engagement in care, including shared decision-making and preparation and activation for self-care management, and the outcomes of interest to patients receiving healthcare services, including health-related quality of life, functional status, symptoms and symptom burden, and experience with care.

The Committee will review person and family-centered care measures for endorsement.  Phase 1 will focus on experience with care measures, including patient-reported outcome (PRO) performance measures, and Phase 2 will examine measures of health-related quality of life, including functional status and clinician-assessed function.  A future phase of this project will review measures on patient communication and symptom/symptom burden.  This project will provide maintenance for measures previously endorsed, as well as review newly submitted measures.

Committee members are selected to ensure representation from a variety of stakeholders, including consumers, purchasers, providers, professionals, plans, suppliers, community and public health, and healthcare quality experts.  Nominees should possess relevant knowledge and/or proficiency in process and outcome quality measurement, patient-reported outcomes, person- and family-centered care, and/or related clinical expertise across multiple care settings.  NQF is seeking nominees with a variety of clinical experience, including patients, clinicians and providers whose performance is measured, health plans and purchasers, as well as methodologists.

Nominations for the Committee are due on January 30, 2014, and instructions on how to submit a nomination are available on the NQF website.

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