The Bipartisan Policy Center has released this report on the role of health information technology in the transformation of U.S. health care systems.  The Center’s Task Force on Delivery System Reform and Health Information Technology, co-chaired by former U.S. Senators Tom Daschle and Bill Frist,  identified six common attributes of the nation’s highest performing health care organizations that can help shape public policy and investment decisions regarding health IT:

  1. An organization-wide focus on the needs of the patient
  2. Strong organizational and clinical leadership
  3. Access to information to support efficient, coordinated care
  4. Timely access to care
  5. Emphasis on prevention, wellness and healthy behaviors
  6. Accountability, alignment of incentives, and payment reform

The Task Force makes the following recommendations:

  • Align incentives
  • Accelerate health information exchange efforts
  • Accelerate and support engagement of consumers using electronic tools
  • Expand education and implementation assistance
  • Address concerns about privacy and security
  • Further align federal health care and health IT programs

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