This report from Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy describes the lack of foundation funding for Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander (AAPI) lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) issues, organizations, and communities.  As of 2009, only $648,939 in funding nationwide had been granted to LGBTQ AAPI organizations (38 grants), or 0.7% of the total granted to all LGBTQ organizations.  And the total granted to all LGBTQ organizations was only 0.2% of total foundation funding nationwide.  The report was funded by the Open Society Foundations.

Among the report’s findings: Factors that contribute to health disparities of LGBTQ people include reduced access to health insurance, social stigma, and lack of cultural competency in the health care system.  Among lesbian, gay, and bisexual people (LGB), LGB Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are more likely to experience psychological distress (25%) than any other racial group.

Recommendations from the report include:

  • Strengthen LGBTQ AAPI organizations’ capacity and civic engagment
  • Build links to allies (AAPI organizations, other LGBTQ people of color organizations)
  • Build links to mainstream LGBTQ organizations
  • Build string relationships between secular organizations and interfaith groups
  • Fund more community-based and quantitative research

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