ACO Accelerated Development Learning Session

Plenary Sessions available via webcast TODAY and TOMORROW

June 20th and 21st

 The first Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Center ACO Accelerated Development Learning Session kicks off TODAY in Minneapolis at 2:00 ET.  The sessions will provide the executive leadership teams from existing or emerging ACO entities the opportunity to learn about essential ACO functions and ways to build capacity needed to achieve better care, better health and lower costs through integrated care models.

Plenary sessions on June 20th will be webcast live starting at 2pm ET: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=5c3f79dc670c4efab1e0941979ccdfe91d

Plenary sessions on June 21st featuring Dr. Donald Berwick, CMS Administrator will be webcast live at 9am ET: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=7365ae43e23a4bccb0fb65b83cfdb6211d

The full agenda is available online.

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