This report of the results of an online survey conducted by the Consumer Health Information Corporation includes some interesting findings about smartphone mobile technologies and their uses for exchanging health information and engaging patients. Online survey responses were collected from 395 respondents who are smartphone users in April 2011.

Caveat: The report does not include the detailed methodology for the survey and seems to be based on convenience sampling.

91% of the respondents would use a smartphone application (app) to gain health information, 58% would be interested in using apps to help manage a disease or drug, and 48% would use apps to keep track of health information.  80% of the respondents reported that they would be more likely to use an interactive app that can analyze logged information and provide feedback.

41% of the respondents preferred to receive text message to remind them to perform a health related task, 20% preferred a reminder using an app, 19% preferred a phone alarm, and 15% preferred receiving an email.  Only  1% would want a phone call reminder.

33% of consumers preferred health apps to be free but the majority were willing to pay, with 31% willing to pay $1.00-$5.99.  The overwhelming majority (88%) of consumers were either somewhat influenced or very much influenced by consumer ratings of apps.

The report notes that a January 2011 analysis by Localytics reporting that 26% of apps are downloaded and used only once.  There are now about 400,000 iPhone/iPad apps and 200,000 Android apps available.

Accordingly, how smartphone users will use health-related apps will continue to be an important area for innovation and development.

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