This updated report from the Congressional Research Service describes what activities and programs received legislative authorization AND specific dollar appropriations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  

And this Congressional Research Service report details the programs and activities which are subject to discretionary funding by Congress, requiring specific appropriations for each fiscal year.  The report also highlights the many provisions for which there is authorization of appropriations of “such sums as may be necessary”, with little guidance on how much funding may actually be available.  

With the Republican majority elected to the House of Representatives for the new Congressional session beginning in 2011, the funding for provisions of the PPACA which were “authorized” but without specific fiscal year “appropriations”, may become even more challenging to implement.

For additional reference, this May 11, 2010 letter from the Congressional Budget Office includes a chart showing the spending authorizations for all the provisions of the PPACA.  

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