In this Health Affairs blog, the Altarum Institute’s Dr. Holly Korda questions whether current models of medical homes are in fact “patient-centered.”

Other commentators also have urged more attention to patient-centeredness as medical home demonstration programs receive increased attention:

Berenson RA, Hammons T, Gans DN, Zuckerman S, Merrell, K, Underwood WS, Williams AF.  “A house is not a home: Keeping patients at the center of practice redesign.” Health Affairs (2008); 27(5):1219-1230

Bechtel C and Ness DL. “If you build it, will they come? Designing truly patient-centered health care.” Health Affairs (2010); 29(5):914-920

Epstein RM, Fiscella K, Lesser CS, Stange KC.  “Why the nation needs a policy push on patient-centered health care.”  Health Affairs (2010); 29(8):1489-1495

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